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Laser cutters for education and industry

Universal Laser Systems is an innovator in the field of laser engraving, laser cutting and laser marking equipment and the laser material processing systems they manufacture are the products of decades of experience and a commitment to research and development.

Our laser cutting and engraving machines deliver everything you have come to expect from a high quality laser product, including excellent precision, performance and reliability. They also offer several exclusive 'Uniquely Universal' features. These patented, proven laser processing innovations were designed to make laser processing more effective, productive and profitable. You can only get them from Universal Laser Systems. And we're one of their dedicated suppliers!

We are an established design and technology supplies provider with unparalleled experience for both industrial and educational clients. Each machine offers many useful features including automatic air-assist compressor, red dot alignment and touch-screen control making the set up of jobs quick and easy!

Acrylic sheets, textiles, card, laser grade plywood or MDF, virtually every material can be processed at high speed with precision detail and perfect edge finishing.

Thanks to the processing capabilities, our lasers can be used in a wide range of subjects. With laser cutting technology becoming increasingly important in many industries, exposure to lasers within schools can give students essential skills for their future career. Ideal for schools, colleges and Universities and robust enough for industrial clients, these systems allow flexibility and high throughput for any process.

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