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Our Cherry veneer is made from real wood and is supplied in sheet size: 600x400mm.


A flexible veneer which is 0.6mm thick and comes with paper backing. The natural properties of this veneer make it ideal for laser cutting and engraving and you can expect to achieve:


  • quick laser cutting speeds
  • clean cut, soot free edges & 
  • amazing engraved results

The common natural veneer wood species include Oak veneer, Walnut veneer, Ash veneer, Teak veneer, Maple veneer, Cherry veneer, Ebony veneer, Rosewood veneer, Sapele veneer, Anigre veneer, Eucalyptus veneer, Bamboo veneer, etc.


Cherry wood veneer - 0.6mm

SKU: VEN.CHE-0.6.600400
Excluding VAT

**10% Discount on orders over £100**

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